FOSRIN: Food security through ricebean research in India and Nepal

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Structure of the project

This section outlines the structure of the project - how the various partners and work packages fit together, and the routes for information flow. We have divided the workplan into scientific (genetic, socio-economic and health), and administrative areas, as shown in the PERT chart below.

PERT chart of the project


So far as the scientific objectives are concerned, Objective 1 is addressed specifically by WP1. Objective 2 and its three sub-objectives: To assess genetic diversity and uses of ricebean using indigenous knowledge of the crop; to characterise the germplasm diversity using molecular marker techniques; and to characterise the germplasm for phenological traits and suitability for a range of diverse environments and cropping systems using participatory approaches, are addressed by WPs 2, 3 and 4 respectively. Objective 3 is addressed through WP5, Objective 4 through WP1, and objectives 5 and 6 through WPs 1 and 5. Of the other objectives, Objective 7 is addressed through WPs 6 and 7 and Objective 8 through WP6. Objective 9 is a general objective that is addressed through the activities of all the WPs, and will therefore not be addressed further.


Chart of information flow within the project

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