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Training workshop

A training workshop for staff from the Indian and Nepali partners was held at CSKHPKVK in Palampur from February 19 - 23. This was to provide training in various aspects of the work to be carried out in WP5 - the nutrition studies - which would involve 24-hour recall studies and similar surveys.

The workshop, conducted by Dr Peter Andersen, was held in order to familiarise the staff with the rationale behind the nutrition study so that everyone would be familiar with the purpose and the required data.

Shri Ram Krishna gave detailed instruction on how to perform the household surveys.

The workshop was concluded with a hands-on field trial conducted in two field sites in HP, using a two-page survey sheet to be followed by field teams.

The management team would like to thank Dr Naveen Kumar for organising the logistics of the workshop, and the Vice Chancellor of CSKHPKVK for providing the facilities.



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